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2010-05-14 17:49:37
Thinking about Going Green? Try Painting Your Roof
Posted by Joel Carson Re/Max Masters

Row of homes with roofsMany homeowners are “going green” by making changes to their homes and property that will help the environment. The movement is a huge one and the US is looking to other countries for information and advice to improve global environmental conditions.

Color Your World -- Or at Least Your Roof -- White

US Energy Secretary Steven Chu and the Obama administration recommends painting flat roofs white. What? No. He’s not just going for a lighter look and feel here, he says energy-reflecting white will actually help improve the environment when combined with other energy-saving measures.

Chu’s suggestion, apparently backed by the Obama camp, came during a climate change symposium in London where the Nobel laureate in physics called for a “new revolution” according to a London AFP report. AFP is a world-wide news agency. Chu doesn’t suggest painting flat roofs white will change the world. He does maintain that making roads and roofs lighter colors will significantly decrease energy use by keeping buildings cooler. White paint also reflects sunlight away from the earth.

Chu was exploring climate change options and scientists are on board with his plan. Some are developing “cool colors” that look normal to the human eye, but reflect heat like light colors even when they appear to be darker.

Come on. How much difference could white rooftops really make? Chu said the measure would have the equivalent effect of taking every car in the world off the road for 11 years.

Now that’s something to think about.

Why Go Green?

The obvious answer is to improve the environment and preserve a little something for posterity. Another answer is because it’s the cool thing to do. But, please, don’t negate the fact that going green can actually improve your property value.

Environmental consciousness is an important issue in today’s real estate market. Buyers, particularly of higher-priced real estate, are looking for properties that encourage environmental harmony.

Any energy saving measures including solar panels and solar energy are a plus. Organic gardens, recycling and efficient use of space and materials is also an added attraction for green conscious buyers.

Contact me today- I have many ideas that make help you make your home green and appealing to the market of environmentalists out there working to improve our planet, including you and me.

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