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2014-09-01 18:23:14
Q. Do I Need a New Buyers' Agent for Every Home?

Q. Do I need a different agent for every home I want to see?

A. No!

Some people get confused about the roles of different real estate professionals. People who are selling their Salt Lake City homes through a real estate agency generally have a “listing agent.” Some of the listing agent’s responsibilities include:

1. performing a thorough market analysis of your Utah home to help you determine the right listing price – one that will make the home enticing to home shoppers, but will give you the fair market value of your home. The Salt Lake Realtor should become intimately familiar with the details of the home including its assets, required repairs, history and the community in which the home is located.

2. helping you stage your home and secure photographs, videos and other tools that will help it sell.

3. After listing your home, the selling agent will list your home for sale with the appropriate listing services and market it in locations that target the right audience for home shoppers who are looking for homes just like yours.

4. scheduling showings, open houses and other events to help potential buyers get to know your property.

4. negotiating on your behalf with buyers’ agents.

5. assisting you throughout the sale process and through closing.

Listing agents are generally paid for their services with a commission, a certain percentage of the sale price. Buyers’ agents are also paid by the home seller based on a percentage of the home sale unless another arrangement is mutually agreed upon between both parties.

A Buyers’ Agent Can Show You Any Home

A home seller enjoys the representation of one carefully-selected real estate professional, why shouldn’t you? Screen buyers’ agents carefully. Ask friends, neighbors and co-workers for referrals. Read online reviews about others’ experience with an agent before you decide to work with one individual. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about experience, licensing and methods of negotiation.

Once you have carefully selected a buyer’s agent, that individual will become your champion throughout the purchasing process. Choose someone you feel good about, someone you trust has your best interests at heart.

Because a buyers’ agent is generally paid by the seller, this representation should not cost you additional money beyond the price of your home and costs directly associated with purchasing it (unless through an agreement mutually agreed upon by both parties).

Once you select a buyers’ agent, we strongly recommend you stick with that one individual. A buyers’ agent’s responsibilities include (but are not limited to) the following:

  1. assisting you in searching for homes that meet your criteria including the location of the home, the size of the home, pricing, availability and condition. Most Utah Realtors have access to the same multiple listing services (we use the Wasatch Front Regional Multiple Listing Service, WFR-MLS and the Park City Multiple Listing Service, PC-MLS).
  2. If a home is publically listed for sale, any agent you choose can show that home. He or she will cooperate with the sellers’ agent for access and scheduling.
  3. Your buyers’ agent can help you locate preferred lenders, inspectors, appraisers, title specialist and other support professionals you might need during the negotiation and purchase process.
  4. A buyer’s agent will prepare formal offers for you and all of the necessary paperwork required to purchase your home under optimal conditions for you.
  5. When you are ready to relocate, your buyers’ agent can provide you with important community resources including contact information for utility companies, schools, libraries and more.

I have assisted hundreds of buyers in the purchase of Salt Lake City homes in the past 25 years. I would love to represent you.

Shopping for a Utah house? Let’s talk! 801-673-3333, carsonrealestate@gmail.com, www.allutahhomes.com.


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